Frequently asked questions

This is a business that has been active for several years and it is certainly our goal to exist for a long time. Safety is our number one priority. Read more at this link how we do it.

You can make a reservation of our private parking lot in a quick and easy way by filling out this form.

In most of our locations, payment is made in cash, upon arrival or departure – as suits you. Contact us after booking if you want to pay in another way to secure a place at such locations.

Our primary parking lot is 450 meters from the airport building – the closest private parking lot to the airport in Sarajevo.

We offer special prices for long-term parking.

Information about arrivals and departures of planes can be found on the official website of the airport in Sarajevo at this link.

Unlike others that offer a similar service, you can walk to the airport from our parking lot. If you need transportation, please let us know when you make your reservation (the field provided for this) and we will be happy to tow you away free of charge and bring you back when you return.

We are not fans of keeping car keys, but if you are late or have some other reason – we agree to this option as well.

Our employees will be happy to show you a path that is not complicated to follow. You can also see the route at this link.

You can see the prices and conditions of parking at the Airport on this link.

The price of parking in our private parking lot near the airport is 10 KM per day, with a note that the day of arrival and departure are counted. We offer discounts for longer periods.

We do not provide transportation within the city for people who are not our parking clients. We suggest that you use taxi services at and near the airport, a bus that leaves from the airport or a trolleybus from the Dobrinja station.